Private Lessons

All 1 on 1 private lessons will be designed to the needs of the client after an inital evaluation of their age and skill level . Below you can find a general description of each 1 on 1 lesson based on a clients age.

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Little League (Ages 10-13) 

  • Baseball ethics and Sportmanship
  • Offensive (Hitting) Fundamentals
  • Defensive Fundamentals for infield, outfield, pitching and catching (At this age we believe it is critical to develop a player to know how to play all positions, a basic understanding of how all postiions work will enhance their knowledge of the WHOLE game of baseball)
  • Basic understanding of the game of Baseball (Where you need to be on different plays and scenarios)

Junior High School (Ages 13-15) 

  • Baseball Ethics and Sportsmanship
  • Pre-Practice and game routine
  • Developing arm strength, mechanics and taking care of your arm
  • Offensive Approach and advanced swing fundamentals
  • Advancing the Defensive fundamentals (Infield or outfield, Pitching and Catching)
  • Knowing where you need to be
  • Introduction to Situational Baseball

High School (Ages 14-19) 

  • Baseball Ethics and Sportsmanship
  • Pre-Practice and Game routine
  • Continuing to develop arm strength, mechanics, and taking care of your arm
  • Advanced Offensive Approach and Advanced Swing fundamentals
  • High level defensive fundamentals @ each position
  • Advanced Situational baseball
  • Offensive and Defensive Mental Approach
  • Agility, Strength and conditioning training plans to continue developing themselves as athletes

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