Even just 10 years ago growing up in Rutland I was afforded the opportunity to participate in a lot of local baseball camps during the summer and winter. I was also fortunately given the opportunity to work with multiple individuals older than myself who had been highly successful in their baseball careers. Now, as the Head Coach of a Varsity program at Mill River High school, I have seen and heard that many of these opportunities are dwindling. Those that once coached and inspired me are growing older and no longer have the time to be coaching Little Leaguers and spending time with individuals improving their skills. My mission is to take over where they left off and begin to grow the great game of baseball back to where it once was in this area. I was fortunate enough to play beyond High School and experience a baseball on a nationwide, competitive level. Many athletes at that level had a place in their hometowns where they could go to train and receive top level instruction deep into the off season. I think we lack that here in Southern Vermont and that is something I would like to change. You can check out our different programs Here . Each program is age specific and focuses on getting young players the instruction they need to further their athletic careers. We hope that you jump on board with us!